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and credit of the united states. with bruises fresh from the last dust up early jabs are already flying. joining is democratic chris van hollen and republican jim jordan. senate minority leader said the revenue piece is done. the president wants more tax he needs to limit deductions and limit the loop holes. >> mitch mcconell will draw the line in the sand . we have to take a balanced approach meaning additional cuts and remember, year the president signed in law more than 1.5 trillion in cuts. 100 percent cuts. as a result of avoiding the fiscal cliff we raised 730 billion from high income individuals. as we go forward we need to adopt the same frame work as the simpsons-bowles commission . remember in the campaign you saw the republican candidate and paul ryan talking about the breaks in the loop holes, guess what, they are still there. through tax reform we can raise more revenue to address the sequester issue and long-term deficit. >> john: congressman jordan do you buy that? >> no, they are scheduled for the outyears. congress said give us the revenue and we'll promise to get the c
of congress, all of the supreme court, really the entire united states government is all together and it's awfully exciting. you can be happy or sad with the election results but it is awfully exciting. all of this is in the constitution, the 20th of january. in this case the 21st, the oath of office, the 30 words that the president says. that is i think part of it is a celebration of america. it is a celebration of our traditions. shepard: indeed it is and the first lady walking in or will be just shortly here. chris, i know you have some presidential historians there with you. i wonder what your sense is for what this day means as far as marking, setting the tone for the next four years? >> yeah. we're trying to get our presidential historian in. he is somewhere in the office. but jay winnick. obviously will be enormously important to see what this president has to say. it is interesting, i talked with david plouffe, one of the president's senior advisors yesterday he sent kind of a double message. on the one hand he said we need common ground that republicans and democrats coming toge
the minor burns is actually the landlord of this five unit apartment complex. the flames broke out inside his unit which is the frontout where we are standing. you can see here firefighters had to pull quite a bit of charred debris outside of his place this morning as they were battling the flames. captain told ktvu this fire was burning through the attic mostly. the call came in after midnight. berkeley fire crews responded to hack ton street. when firefighters got here they found a man that had been hurt trying to put out the flames inside the apartment using a hose. as fire burned through this place neighbors heard him screaming for help. he was transported to the hospital. >> there was smoke coming out of the attic. there was one person transported to the hospital with minor burns and smoke inhalation. >> reporter: the captain told ktvu this fire doesn't appear to be suspicious but there will be a full investigation to figure out how it started. a neighbor out here says the man that was hurt in the fire has lived here in this apartment for decades. but because of the heavy damage to h
the tactical units, ambulance on stand by. neighbors reported hearing a loud boom. we aren't sure if this was a door being kickedn. most of the units pulled out by 5:45, looked like it went off without a hitch and police not commenting on the case. we are told there were no arrests made at this location and police can't fill us in on the detail because they say they don't know the outcome of any of the other raids. live from oakland. ktv channel 2news. >> all right. we get to talk act the weather because it is really, really cold outside. >> yeah. steve paulson joins us now. what helped prevent the predicted record cold? >> the north wind. >> so strange. >> it'll be colder i think on sunday morning. that looks to be the coldest but morning lows, some took a while. overnight lows 24 to 44, frost and freeze warnings out for about another hour. temperatures 29 at napa, fairfield was 26, now 30 telling me a little breeze picked up. 26 not far from livermore but oakland 41, the city 44 and 47 half moon bay with a north wind of 25 miles an hour. san jose 37, san rafael down to 34.
the united states a sworn enemy. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. . >>> welcome back. seven minutes until the official sunrise but we are mostly cloudy. patchy fog and showers. >>> many parts of the united states are digging out this morning from a deep freeze. 16 inches snow has fallen in pennsylvania. in north dakota temperatures plunged to 33 below zero and 24 below zero in maine. the deep freeze is bringing further misery to families trying to recover from sandy. staten island people who haven't had heat since october are taking refuge in tents. >> you can't describe it. unless you experience it, feel the wind biting at your skin it's hard to explain. >> reporter: and the c
. as we push in here, you can see that second story unit that was clearly heavily damage the. this fire broke autoat second and east street. crews on scene tell us it was a fairly small kitchen fire. firefighters made their way through the unit they ended up finding this unit inside and she was unresponse i. firefighters dead say she did have -- firefighters did say she had a pulse when transported. >> we were able to extinguish the fire fairly aggressively. we did find a victim within the home. they found him in the bedroom during our primary search. >> reporter: aside from that one woman, no one else was hurt in the fire. although it's unclear if anyone else was inside the apartment at the time. that woman is being treated at eden hospital. her condition this morning is not being released. her name not being released either. as we bring you back out here live we will work to talk with this woman some of her neighbors here as folks begin to wake up and understand what happened here last night. we will certainly be trying to speak with neighbors and get an idea about who this woman is a
. this is the second story unit we are showing you right now. last night. the woman suffered burns and smoke inhalation. this fire broke out just about 9:30 last night. crews on scene tell us it was a fairly small kitchen fire and as crews made their way through the unit that is when they found the woman inside and she was unresponsive. now firefighters did tell us she had a pulse when she was transported over to eden hospital. now aside from that one woman, we do understand no one else was injured in this fire. we don't know if there was anyone else in the unit itself at the time. but we know no firefighters were injured. toy have a call in to the hayward fire department waiting to hear back from a ball talion chief. waiting to hear about how this fire started. live in hayward alex savidge. >>> new this morning hayward police just alerted us about a woman who is missing from an adult living facility. here's the picture of 64-year- old jeanette sang. police say she was last seen leaving the hayward facility on tuesday. but she never returned. she was spotted in oakland yesterday afternoon. it's unclear
may face criminal charges. 25,000 match sticks arranged to look like a map of the united states. >> i think it's an interesting piece for sure. i think it makes its point. >> reporter: it was created by this woman as part of an interactive art exhibit at the queens nails gallery off mission and valencia. >> the rules are different from other countries, the rules. you come here and see that people are playing with fire and they don't like this. >> reporter: she insists the exhibit was safe, that extinguishers were on hand. fire retardant was used on the walls and no one was on the top floor. officials say things got out of control around 10:00 last night. >> when insaw like two or three -- when insaw like two or three fire trucks, i thought what could be burning. >> reporter: now the gallery owner may be in hot water since he set the display on fire. >> it wasn't malicious. it was just out of ignorance where he lit it. >> reporter: this is youtube video of artwork by the same artist. she creates exhibits out of match works and as part of the exhibit, the matches are lit on fire. >> yo
in combat. my issue here is, mixing the genders in infantry units, armored units and special forces units is not a positive, there are many distract tors which puts a burden on small unit combat leaders and actually creates an environment because of their living conditions that is not conducive to readiness. >> chris: colonel mcsally, those are the two basic arguments. you are a combat pilot but you are not formally, not in combat on the front lines, you are attached to combat units and the two arguments are, one, physical limitations, particularly to serving in the infantry and also the question of a distraction during operations, when you are in close quarters, there is no privacy and rugged living conditions and look in your camera and tell general boykin why he's wrong. >> let me just say i realize flying combat aircraft and being on the ground in combat are two very different missions, hover the same flawed arguments were used against allowing women to fly in combat and now allowing them to be on ground combat. like the general said these are flawed arguments the battle line is we ne
burns. most of this fire was actually in the attic of this front unit. we're showing you right now. as you can also see, there was heavy damage inside the apartment itself. a lot of these burned items, including furniture that were pulled out by firefighters early this morning. it was just about midnight when crews responded to this fire on acton street near bancroft way. firefighters found a man who had been hurt trying to put out the flames inside his apartment. neighbors say he was using a hose at the time. he was transported to the hospital. he also suffered from smoke inhalation as well. the man who was injured is the landlord of this five-unit complex. as fire burned through his place, people heard him screaming for help. >> i heard popping sounds and then i heard him yelling call 911. so that's what i did. >> reporter: a captain out here on scene told ktvu at this point the fire does not appear suspicious but will do a full investigation to get a better sense of what started it. a neighbor tells us the man injured in the fire has lived here for decades but at this point beca
. she was held captive for 9 days. u.s. marines rescued her and other members of her unit. she called the decision to allow women in combat good news. >>> an attempted kidnapping caught on tape. ktvu's ann rubin is live with the video. >> reporter: first let me show you where it happened. police said it happened on this stretch of sidewalk. she was grabbed by a stranger, she was fighting and caught away. >> reporter: friday his surveillance cameras caught the attempted abduction of a 13- year-old. >> oh, my god. it is true. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: you can see her walking. as she passes behind that car she is dragged into the driveway. the girl runs off. >> whether she gets here she -- when she gets here she is going full speed. >> reporter: he says he started searching for the man before police arrived. >> you come to my neighborhood and get me that upset it wasn't my girl, but at that moment became my family. >> reporter: san jose police released this sketch. neighbors say they have. >> i was like, i have seen him somewhere. i know it sin this area. i have always seen him
for the president of the united states 332 votes, mitt romney the state of massachusetts 206 votes. >> aalry of the vote was announced today in congress as a formality. as you just heard from joe biden mr. obama captured more than the 270 votes needed to win the presidency. he will be sworn in for his second time january 20th. the december jobs report was released today and shows an up tick in hiring last month. employers added jobs last december but the unemployment went unchanged at 7.8%. much of gains come from growth in construction due to a massive rebuilding effort after super storm sandy. those number sent stocks up today for all three market with the s and p closing at it's highest level since 2007. >> another bay area lawmaker has been named to a new gun violence prevention task force. the congresswoman will serve as vice chair and representative mike thompson from napa will be the chairman. they will be looking into ways to prevent mass shootings like the ones in newtown connecticut. you may also remember she was seriously wounded by gun fire in 1978 when she and the then congressw
-old is in stable condition in the intensive care unit. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> the highway patrol says it is investigating a dangerous and disruptive side show incident that shut down interstate 80 this weekend. some drivers blocked traffic while others spun donuts on the pavement. the video first showed up on facebook and youtube. the highway patrol has tips. but is asking anyone who sea what happened, to contact authorities. >> people think it's fun, but it's not funny. you have a lot of people that you effected that day, and it's not okay. a group in favor of gal side show says it needs to support to move side shows off the main roads. >>> super bowl week has arrived. tonight, both teams are now in new orleans. the baltimore ravens flew in this afternoon. head coach john harbaugh led the afc champions off the team plane. noticed that all of them are dressed in suits, ready for business. as for the niners, the team held meetings today away from the cameras. one veteran did talk to the media. frank gore credited coach jim harbaugh for the team's success. >
. instead he rammed into two houses killing five civilians and hurting another 25 people. >>> in the united states military will not lower it's physical standards as it opens direct combat jobs for women. it announces the change in policy yesterday. the goal is to ensure the mission is met with the best qualified and most capable regardless of gender. >>> about an hour from now the vice president will host a round table on gun violence in richmond virginia. he and other administration officials will hear from experts who woked on gun safety after the 2007 shooting at virginia tech and coming up at 7:15 the one group the obama administration is targeting in its efforting ono gun control. >> a hearing is scheduled in san francisco this morning in connection to the murder of a suspected pimp. there are four defendants in the case. prosecutors are consolidating the four cases in to one. a 22-year-old calvin snead was killed last june. it's believed the defendants were trying to protect a 17- year-old girl suspected of prostitution. it would have the defendants are her parents. >>> sentencing s
their content and have the potential for explosion. >> united is the only us airline currently flying the plane and is expressing support for boeing. now, one of the run ways at the san francisco national airport is closed today for construction. sfo will only be able to handle about half of the 60 flights an hour. the biggest impact will be on passengers flying within a two hour radious of the area. >>> there is good news for the passengers concerned about privacy. body scanners showing a nude impage will no longer be used. sfo stopped using the full body scanners about two years ago. tsa is saying that full body scanners should be removed by june from oakland. >>> a skier buried by an avalanche in the sierra and the dramatic video of the recovery coming up. >>> plus, we'll look at the weather outside your door at this hour and for the afternoon coming up. . >>> authorities say a couple found dead may have been caught up in a storm. the couple had been missing since christmas eve. >>> the avalanche center just released this video from a skier caught in an avalanche. the video was taken from a
are dangerous. this is just common sense, mothers, fathers, parents in the united states, over 75% of parents think we need to take much stronger action to strengthen our gun laws. so, i think the issue here is really not, you know, one extreme versus another. it is the broad middle, rising up and saying, you know what? we can do something about it. after newtown the idea that we do nothing is a tragedy. >> chris: let's look at some of the ideas -- and he has been open about them, vice president biden is suggesting and will offer to the president on tuesday. new limits on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that hold 30 rounds, maybe even 100 rounds. universal background checks. and a crack down on gun trafficking. which of those, that i specifically mentioned, do you think would do the most good in terms of solving the problem and which of those do you think is most likely to get through congress? >> well, the universal background checks is really important. right now, 40% of guns sold in the united states don't have any check system. that is more than swiss cheese, you know? so we r
the fire. we'll push in here on the unit on the unit that, as you can see, was badly damaged. the woman suffered burns and smoke inhalation. however, firefighters did tell us the woman had a pulse when she was transported to eaton hospital. the fire broke out at this 20- unit apartment complex. crews on scene here last night say it was a fairly small kitchen fire. at this point, it was unable to get out of her apartment. but as crews made their way through the unit, they found her unconscious and neighbors are worried about the woman but grateful the fire didn't spread. >> it didn't burn our unit. it didn't catch our unit at -- at all. >> reporter: this morning, i did put in a call to the hayward fire department. spoke to the dismatcher, we'ring a call back from the battalion chief -- expecting to get a call back from the battalion chief. we do know aside from the one woman transported to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation there was no one else hurt. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. >>> last night on 28th and foothill boulevard around 5:30, police say thi
in the sterile processing unit took precautions covering up tables of instruments. >> that's not something you want in a sterile environment. >> a little drip and then it got to be like it was raining inside the department combl technician e vet howard and her co-workers notified a-their managers and then evacuated the unit. >> we kicked into crisis mode and our staff, our sterile processing staff did everything that we could do to help contain the situation. >> the hospital issued what's called a code dry meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several l hours. dr. steven o' bryan told me today that several elective surgeries had to be cancelled but he says there was no sewage in any patient care areas however potentially contaminated surgical instruments are being cleaned. >> we have an alternative area over here we opened up to do processing of sterile supplies so we can continue to do surgeries and other procedures today we watched workers from row toe rooter clearing out that line. the hospital told me the issue was actually roots from nearby redwood trees that worked their wa
is for more people to join the staff annan net gibson in an a an afford -- in an affordable housing unit. >>> brennan is currently the homeland security adviser and is a 25 year veteran. president barack obama considered nominating him four years ago but he withdrew his name after information came up about things he was uncomfortable with. >>> several republican lawmakers have considered hagel's stand on israel and hamas. >> chuck hagel if confirmed for secretary he of defense would be the most antagonistic for the state of israel in history. >> he served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as the united states senator and he has not had a chance to speak for himself. >> hagel can vote and is aimed at some sanctions and he is replacing leon panetta who is stepping down. >>> secretary clinton was released and a was admitted when they followed up on a concussion she suffered in december. she will participate in events for ahmed wali karzai visit on friday. >>> lots of people as we talked about earlier are heading back, let's check in with sal on traffic, good morning sal. >>> good m
in the culture of the united states than san francisco in the 50s. >> i think you're probably right. certainly in that era of our culture. now let's talk about jazz. since those early days of -- certainly not the early days of jazz but the early days of your career. how has it evolved or changed, or has it changed at all. >> it's changed geographically. new orleans, kansas city style, that's a city. chicago style, that's a city. east coast, new york. while there was a san francisco style they called it west coast school. so we're just part of the evolution guys that came out of here. >> thanks for playing this morning you certainly made our morning. >> you know history is repeating itself because my youngest son is playing with me tonight. he's from san francisco. and he's doing all the kinds of things i used to do here. played jazz, classical joints everything. so he's going to be playing with me too. >> go tonight and listen to the brubech's then. -- brubechs then. >>> we have a look at ben crosby getting ready for an appearance nearly 40 years ago. >>> a conversation with trumpeter herb alb
of the united states but he could buy whatever he wanted to have until that is the year 1947. >>> at the age of 74, wr hurst had bulldozed the most prosperous paper in the world. hurst couldn't save himself he was a brilliant newspaper technician but he was a willfully inept administrator. in 1947 he had to give up financial control of the world within a world that he had created. he had to stop buying and building. the unkindness part of all is when he started to start paying off the symbols and realities of his power. if he sold the newspaper in rochester new york as he did, that meant he could no longer billow out he message to that corner of the country. but the trust committee now charged had the fiscal power to be ruthless. hurst agreed to get rid of three of his collections. his collections of silver, medieval armour reu -- medieval armory and art were said to be the best in the world. but what he said, was not worth what he paid for. >> this whole system of income taxation has degenerated into a racket. in which the public tries to cheat the government and the government tries to r
that was hurt in this early morning fire is the landlord of this five unit apartment complex. the fire broke out here in his front unit where as you can see firefighters had quite a bit of work to do this morning as they pulled out debris. this is some of the degree that was pulled out. this call came in just about midnight. the fire was burning here on acton street. firefighters say when they got here they saw a man suffering from smoke inhalation and minor burns. he was trying to put the fire out himself with a hose. as flamesser to through his apartment neighbors heard him screaming for help. one woman described what he heard and did. >> i just heard some popping sounds and then i heard him yelling call 911. and so that's what i did. >> reporter: the chief out here told ktvu this fire at this point doesn't appear to be suspicious. there will of course be an investigation to figure out exactly how it started. a neighbor says the man who was injured in this fire has lived here in this apartment for decades. now because of the heavy damage to the unit, he will be looking for another place to liv
touches on this 36 unit complex that will provide affordable housing for bay area families. but -- but those chosen families do have to put up work. they help build the home they will live in. >> reporter: the volunteers started to build this back in 2010. it's the largest habitat for humanity project in the world. rob alvarado working on the roof today was here when construction first started and came back for this national day of service. >> i feel like, you've had a lot of opportunity, you've had success and you just feel fortunate. you should come out and help others people that meet that same opportunity. >> as you can see, a lot of these units still have a lodge way to -- a long way to go. but today is part of a push to get this completed. habitat is hoping to have all of the families moved into these 1,000-square foot condo complexes by april. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is another spare-the-air day today. the 7th of the season. air quality officials say dangerous pollution levels. they say a high-pressure system is trapping pollutants close to the grou
for the united states, it's perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are. >> was america destined to gun down it's brightest stars? it seemed so the night of california's 1968 presidential primary election. robert kennedy had just won with 46% of the vote. he would thank his supporters for the victory that seemed almost certain to take him to the presidency. leaving the podium, on his way to meet with reporters, he took a shortcut through the kitchen. then america's hope already so badly battered by the murder of martin luther king was dashed into darkness by the bullet of one small man. >> oh my god. senator kennedy has been shot. >> jesus why. >> shoot it, shoot it. >> my brother need not be idolized or in large in death beyond what he was in life, to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it. saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it. those of us who loved him and who take him to his rest today, pray that what he was to us, and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. as he said many times, in ma
>>> preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> president obama takes the oath of office to begin his second term. hear what he said during his address that took some by surprise. >> and the 49ers are super bowl bound, what challenges some fans are facing if they want to see the game in person. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> president obama parked his second inauguration. he took the both with his hand on two bibles. one used by lincoln at his first inauguration and one used by dr. martin luther king, jr. >> preserve, protect and defend, the constitution of the united states. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> john roberts administered the holt and president obama and daughters stood by his side. >> for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do well and a growing number barely make it. >> the weather was chilly but michelle obama and president obama took time to walk some of the parade walk. >> and the ball is un
to bring hundreds of affordable housing units to los gatos. the community not known for its affordability. matt keller is live tonight at the council meeting and says that critics say the housing prices are unfair. >> reporter: as you can see the meeting is still going, people are sitting in over flow seating. the town is considering a special zoning for this property and four others clearing the way for the possibility of high density apartments including about 250 units on this stretch of open road. >> another 60 units going in there. and then way back over there is an area that is probably going to be a lot taller and has 128 units going in there. >> reporter: the problem according to many neighbors is not affordable housing for los gatos but where these projects are going. here where the five properties are located, all within the northern part of town and all within the same raidous. 87% of the affordable housing will be in 14% of the town. >> let's spread it out and be fair. >> reporter: los gatos is in a unique position. the state requires a number of affordable housing. but others
hit the united states. there have been more than 140 outbreaks in the united states caused by the new strain of the norovirus. systems are similar to the flu. it sickened people in japan and europe. you can prevent with hand washing washing and cleaning. >>> twitter announced a new video app, you can upload videos that are 6 seconds or less. it was built by a company twitter acquired. users can capture videos that will upload to twitter or facebook. it is available for download on iphone and ipod touches. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee announced efforts to improve safety and business in china town leading up to chinese new year. >> you will see families and kids walk into the street, in the middle of buses and cars coming in and we didn't want that. >> the pedestrian program gives pedestrians and vendors more space, creates tempiary sidewalk expansions. -- tempiary sidewalk expansions. -- temporary sidewalk expansions. >>> a neighborhood is mopping up after a water main break this morning. a pipe burst after 2:00 a.m. this morning. roads were partially flooded and at one point water s
of the united states. it seems a lot of people are paying attention to this game. a lot of people are rooting for the 49ers. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. our team continues with sal castanedo who joins us from the newsroom with more on what the players had to say. you mentioned some of the questions, mely not the typical ones -- rearly not the typical ones that players -- really not the typical ones players face. >> they've been talking to the press. it does get entertaining because much of the journalists are not the usual beat writers and the questions can get interesting. >> how would you describe your hair? >> just an afro. >> but the questions did eventually roll around the football. 49ers' defensive player aldon smith talked about his play and the focus. >> we came here to win a game. we came here -- you know, it's the super bowl. we're all excited. we came here to win the game. we all have that same spot in mind. >> there have been rumors that alex smith will ask for his release after the season. smith was quick to refocus attention on the game. >> no, no. i'm foc
shot in the united kingdom. a bonfire. >> i know it's a bonfire but am i seeing some rocket employed here? >> dale, you're seeing a bazooka. >> a big bonfire. >> watch this thing go. they light it up and they're about to shoot this giant wooden bonfire structure. >> oh! >> well, i'd say it's lit. >> where do you get your hands on a shoulder of mounted rocket. >> they call it a home made bazooka. >> no matter what it is, it made a pretty big boom. i've got to try this. >> i said don't try this at home. >> i've got bail money for you. >> if you don't have the ingredients around to make a home made bazooka to light your bonfire -- >> that's not a bonfire. that's an explosion. >> that's arson. >> looks eerily similar to the other video except it's daylight and this accelerator was asset tone. >> nail polish remove. >> keep that in mind. >> sounds like you've had a bad experience. >> don't want to talk about it. >> the rule of a good bonfiring everything stays in one place. this went everywhere. it's like shrapnel. >> do not try this at home. home made bazookas, bad idea. >> nobody got hu
in extra blankets. and heating units to make sure that we -- that we could provide the heat that these -- that these men need. >> reporter: where the over night low was 28 degrees a homeless man had to be taken to the hospital with burns over his body. his tent caught fire after he lit a candle inside to stay warm. we were over head after police shut down a road. black ice was blamed for numerous spin outs this morning. >> the rink is now closed to the public but groups will be practicing this week before a gala on saturday. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and for the fourth night in a row we will feel freezing temperatures again. outside right now 40s to low 50s. 55 in oakland. 48 in napa. the sun sets in a few minutes and our temperatures will tumble again. tomorrow morning, we do have a frost advisory for the bay side communities, outside of san francisco, redwood city, fremont, hayward, oakland. notice the purple, inland areas, north bay, east bay, south bay, dipping into the 20s. a freeze warning is expected for you. this is going to happen tomorrow morning. he is a
.m. this morning. they found chemicals inside the unit where the explosion occurred. the building and several apartments were evacuated. >> current zone we consider not safe to be in. once we start the removal process that area will open up because we will move the chemicals. >> there is no word on exactly what type of chemicals were involved. police say they were alerted the of explosion from hospital officials after the injured person sought treatment for a hand injury. uc davis officials describe that person as a junior research specialists. >>> the creator of "dear abby" has died. pauline friedman phillips died yesterday after a long battle with alzheimer's. her column first appeared in the san francisco chronicle in 1956. her column competed against her column competed against sk ann landers written by her twin sister. her daughter promised to continue her legacy. ktvu channel 2 news ktvu channel 2 news was 94. >>> temperatures on the increase today. how warm will it get into the bay area weekend? >>> scalpers hoping to make money out of president president obama's inauguration is out of
of the public housing project. over the next two years 107 new units wild be built. it comes thanks to millions in local, state and federal money. so far 25 families have moved in. >> my unit wasn't up to date. it was bad, plumbing, my babe has asthma so i was happy. i feel like i am in a 5 star hotel. beautiful. my kids are so happy. >> her old units had problems with mold so bad her son had to go to the hospital. they have been in since just before christmas and she said her son looks great. >>> officials may be having second thoughts about hosting the super bowl at the 49ers new stadium. they are trying to determine if the city can deal with the nfl demands. tax breaks, giving up tax revenue from hotels during super bowl events. the 49ers new stadium is a finalist to host the 50th or 51 super bowl in 2016 or 2017. that big game is expected to bring several hundred million dollars to the host community. >>> the closest look we have been able to give you of the tanker that hit the bay bridge on monday. more on the damage done to the ship and what is next in the tanker investigation. >> and the
. it was a map of the united states and by lighting it, it caused a lot of damage to this building. last night fire crews were called out when smoke and flames were shooting out from the building. the artist creates maps and some -- sometimes messages out of exhibits. the problem with last night's incident is that it posed a safety hazard, which caused $5,000 at least worth of damage to the ceiling annuals. now investigators were called in and while the gallery owner did not necessarily mean any harm and nobody got hurt, he could face reckless charges of arson. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> happening right now, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is making her first appearance looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is there at the senate foreign relations committee. she arrived a few minutes ago and coming up, the new information that republicans will likely use against hillary rodham clinton in their questioning, we will have more on that. >>> they will temporarily increase the u.s. debt limit. republicans decided they did
has planned today as they try to prevent future mass shootings in the united states. >>> plus an attempt to do a trick at this years x-games in colorado takes a turn for the worst. we'll show you what happened and why things could have been much worse. >>> good morning. westbound high 4 traffic does look good coming over the hill. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. >>> the country is marking is a sad anniversary today. 27 years ago the space shuttle challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff. all seven crew members were killed. the explosion was traced to the cold weather. >>> the president declared a state of emergency in areas hit hard by protests. over the weekend 50 people were killed because of unrest in the country. police fired tear gas while protestors pelted them with rocks. the clashes shows how turmoil is deepening in egypt. >>> french troops in mali have gained control of the airport in timbuktu and fighting their way into the city center. the united states has also stepped up its involvement in the conflict by conducting air fueli
, selling things out of trunk of their cars. the first released "soulsinger" sold 160,000 units independently, and i put it out with a good friend of mine just by word of mouth. and people playedly albums. rychelle was a big influence on me. she started playing my music. same with her saying come to l.a. tomorrow. what? you guys open for me in l.a. that was my introduction in l.a. >> did you have a strong relationship with you before you met her? >> no. i met her briefly and i would go to her shows all the time. i was her little groupie in the back, i love her, i can't wait for my turn, i wish she could hear my music. it took years but it immediately helped. >> reached back. >> yes. a lot of artists don't do that, and now i'm doing it for other people because someone did it for me. patti labelle, chaka kahn, everyone, they've reached back and said we have to lift this girl up. >> how does that feel, people like patti labelle? she didn't just lift you up. she said you are her successor. for her to say that. >> i have these aha moments. you know, you have celebrity friends and the
justice roberts stumbled over the wording. >> execute the office of president to the united states faithfully. >> i will now execute -- . >> faithfully the office of president of the united states faithfully. >> and will to the best of miable. >> just to be safe again, they redid that swearing in a second time four years ago. earlier, we talked to senator barbara boxer, she is one of the hundreds of special vips that will be getting up close to the inauguration. we will ask her what she wants the president to focus on. >> it is very important, gun violence and every state has different set of laws and it doesn't protect our people as much as we would like. >> reporter: so, what will happen tomorrow, there will be security gates and set up around the mall and only people with a certain color ticket will be allowed to get into the gate. if we come back live, we are standing close to union station. this is one of several metro stops that people can walk out of as they head towards the inauguration event. again, they are expecting 600 to 800,000 people. still a huge crowd but nothing l
with residential developmental units that will bring a lot of activity here. >> the developers who now own pete's harbor plan to build a 411 unit apartment complex with private boat slips. >>> the water is back on for people in berkeley after crews repaired a broken water line overnight. the east bay utility district says a eight inch line ruptured just about 5:00. 32 customers were effected but service has been restored. >> good for them. >>> time now 5:06. sal is here. he's watching all of the commute but you are starting in the east bay. >> that is right. we're look agent the east bay freeways. 80 is one of the big workhorses there on 80 coming in. that's one of the busiest freeways early and people are on the road getting down to the toll plaza. there are no major problems at the toll plaza but you will see this commute getting busier later. right now it does look pretty good driving into san francisco. also the morning drive livermore valley that looks good driving over. if you there are driving to the peninsula 101 and 280 are off to a nice start. let's do to steve. >> thank you, sal. >>>
called him highly respected and he was also a member of the police canine unit. >>> he was not involved in the burglary as first reported. the motive still remains a mystery. he was talking to gas cone when he pulled 0 out a gun and shot him. moments later gascon shot himself. >>> he tried to pull a three- year-old out of her mother's arms. the man is described as latino and smelling like automotive oil. the mother said her daughter was playing outside and the man walked up and complemented her daughter's beauty. he said he tried to pull her from her office but she managed to break free. >>> highly addictive pain killers can go up to $40 a pill on the street. the pharmacy was robbed last month and new york pharmacies are planning devices in order to track thieves. >> we follow the gps tracker and we get all the money back. >> they are also using gps devices and burglaries have jumped since 2010. >>> the city has workers can't spend more than 5 two hours -- 522 hours on the job. last year 63 workers were over that limit. other muni are in the fire department and the cap was put on them t
president biden. >> reporter: mayor lee, mayor jean quan and mayor chuck reed are all in united states conference of mayors. his focus today will be gun control and prepare venting violence in cities across the country. president obama's executive orders and proposals for congress are getting mixed reaction. some u.n. froms feel he's infringing on gun owner's rights guaranteed by the second amendment. the nra is promising the fight of the century and released an attacked a before the president announced his plans calling him an elitist. several democrats plan to introduce a plan next week. more on that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we asked bay area people what they think of the president's gun controllals -- gun proposals. >> people have the right to bear arms. >> people get robbed and need protection. >> everyone that we agreed with said all people should have rights. >>> sources say the next chief of staff is likely to be dennis mcdone mcdonogh. he would replace jack lew. >>> uc students say they will be at the regents' meeting this morning to petition
. >>> well it's cold now but 2012 was the hottest year in the united states. the average temperature was just a little above 55 degrees and that is a full degree warmer than 1998. warmer temperatures blame global warming from the national change. >>> they do help firefighters as they try to help battle a series of firefighters. about 30 are still not contained. firefighters are racing to put the fires out before they climb black up again and they destroyed or damaged 100 homes. 0 more people have been unaccounted for. >>> same sex marriages, more people will be able to get marriage and the church is the first to allow same sex weddings. it is the next step towards marriage equality. the cathedral is often used for presidential funerals or to celebrate new presidents. >>> boy scouts once again denied the life-long dream of a local boy scout. they denied him because he is gay and he was given a second chance but the boy stated, he does not agree to scouting's principles of duty to god and his father said, that is not the case. >> it is important to him that nobody else should have to go through
to the side you can see there is quite a few units that are in here. apparently according to his family he had been here for just a week visiting from weed california where he lives and grew up. he just turned 17 four days ago. and it was out here. his family members say they just checked in on him because of trouble around the apartment and they heard gunshots. this all happened about 12:15 this morning. police told us in a news conference that wrapped up in the last half hour that they got out here they started rendering aid to the victim. someone was already trying to help him when they arrived. paramedics did pronounce him dead at the scene. he has four siblings and one of them or a couple of them just talked to us. here's what one of his sister's had to say. >> it happened for nothing. it happened for absolutely nothing. i know it happened for nothing. basically somebody got the wrong thing. got him confused. >> reporter: again taking a live look back at the scene. his family members say they are obviously extremely upset. they're still trying to make sense of what happened. he's had trou
see police officers are out in front of this residence and you can see a light is on in that unit on the first floor. officers are going up and down to process this scene. i want to direct your attention to the front of the building because i want to show you video we took with the last 20 minutes. there is a knife left and that's the first thing crime scene investigators took when they got here. they measured it took video of it and took it after putting it in a paper bag. they say an officer responded this morning to a home invasion and what they say is 5 black men all in their 20s robbed and took electronic devices. nobody was hurt, there were a group of adults inside that unit at the time when this happened and again at this point, what they are doing right now is going through the evidence and going through the scene and trying to put the pieces together as they continue to search for the people responsible. residents out here are surprised by this, they are waking up this morning trying to figure out what is going on certainly shocked by this invasion. claudine wong, ktvu ch
a week after the united nations and arab league envoy visited damascus in a push for negotiated solution to end the violence. the united nations estimated that more than 60,000 people have been killed in that 21- month struggle. >>> in other news of the world tonight in afghanistan twin suicide bombings killed at least four people and left more than 15 wound. the bombers attack a meeting of tribal leaders at a government compound in kandahar province. the taliban claimed response for the attack. >>> in aust lay, wildfires ravaged souvenir australia. officials say one person died while saving his home, but today they are now say the case is under investigation. firefighters are dealing with high winds and scorching temperatures that have reached 108 degrees. almost 3,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and more than 40 fires are still burning. >>> at vatican pope benedict xvi announced new bishops today, including his personal secretary georg gdnswein who helped to steer the papal household through an embarrassing scandal of leaked documents last year. >>> the italian premiere
will happen to her. i don't. >> reporter: starr lamare a mother of three will be in the burn unit for the next 4-5 months. she will need numerous surgeries. >> face. chest. waist up. he tried to kill her. >> reporter: it is not the first time he has been accused of being violent in a relationship. in 2009 he pled guilty to battery charges. a judge ordered him to attend domestic violence counseling. he went to one class and never went back. >> how can you go from arguing to setting someone on fire. >> reporter: she says her sister and dexter oliver had been dating six months. she tried to end the relationship before. >> he will leave a day or two and then come back. >> reporter: now that he is wanted for attempted murder he finally left their home for good. >> we are checking areas he is known to frequent, addresses we have on file. we are asking for the public's help to find him. >> reporter: san francisco police warn that dexter oliver is dangerous, anyone who sees him should call police immediately. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police arrested two men this af
. there was a tactical unit at the top of the hill and an ambulance in case anything went wrong. but they have left so it looks like everything went off without a hitch. we'll of course keep you posted. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. >>> our time is 6:02. sad story. a marin city family is mourning the death of a family member. a teenager who was shot and killed just after midnight. he's identified as lavonio williams. he was shot two or three times. paramedics did perform cpr but they couldn't save him. investigators are questioning witnesses but so far no arrests have been made. now coming up in our next half hour, we'll be talking to his family and bring you more details about >>> meantime poli say a home on park d. police found the body of a 48-year-old inside the home early yesterday evening. two hours later a 27-year-old man showed up at the fremont police station with a suspected murder weapon turning himself in. both the victim and the suspect lived at that home but police have not told us the nature of their relationship or a possible motive. >>> in just a couple of how weres from right
with the investigations unit with the san jose police department told me his team will try to figure out if weather was a factor in the deadly crash. it is still raining a little bit now. this is a single car accident that happened on the front street and the 280 overpass. fire crews are trying to assist the coroner's office. to get the man's body out of the car. the driver in this case was a 22-year-old man. the accident happened about 2:30 this morning when the man lost control of his car. swerved off the road and actually sheared off two light poles on the side of the road. the car went up the embankment before flipping over and landing on the roof. it is a san jose police officer on patrol nearby who heard the crash. there is an officer parked around the corner. he heard the accident. he was the first one on the scene providing first aid. he was pronounced shortly after. > >> the sergeant out here tells me the victim has been identified at this point. police are not releasing his name as of yet. at this point there are no outward signs that alcohol was a factor in the crash and that will be inv
on to the larger planes that drive and it is also booking united airlines flight. >>> mayor ed lee is tearing it down from 16th street to the park. it will be replaced by street level boulevard and mayor ed lee said it could facilitate the use of high speed rail. right now no normal plans have been made. let's look at the traffic with sal amount. >> we start with 880 which is moving nicely as you pass the coliseum and westbound traffic is moderately heavy coming up to the toll plaza. no trouble deck and northbound 101 and sought bound 10 -- southbound 101 is still doing well. >>> 49 balmy degrees in san francisco is a there is some areas that are very warm, santa rosa 30s, napa 30s and we will start off sunny and this will be a slow moving system and it will merge as two systems will merge tomorrow. high clouds today but sunny for a while and he hazy skies as they filter in low 60s now. everybody will filter off in santa cruz and 74 and i am pretty sure that was it, really warm towards santa cruz, cloudy, not a lot of rain, but with your weekend always in view cloudy friday and saturday and a
abandoned off of 152 near gilroy. >> we don't have any suspects in the robbery unit. they're still continuing to investigate this case round-the- clock. >> reporter: police say the suspects tied up the man and woman, and then made off with their jewelry, electronics, and those two cars. >>> apple seems to have lost some of its shine tonight. the company warned shares dropped in after hours trading that basically wiped out an entire year of gains. apple reported a profit of $13 billion, but missed its revenue estimates, and said profits were flat because of higher manufacturing costs. the biggest issue for apple may be its iphone sales. there are some indications now that the buying public may be cooling off to apple's once hot products. >> reporter: today's earnings report showed apple with record revenues, and 47.8 million iphones sold last quarter. >> everything i use is apple. i have basically the whole family. >> reporter: the ceo, tim cook projected lower revenue for next quarter, with slower sales. not the skyrocketing growth investors have been accustomed to seeing. usf prof
koreans carrying out their threats on the united states. >>> coming up, whether to approve expansion plans for the sikh temple. some people who live there are fed up with the traffic and people parking illegally during prayer services and holidays. if approved the temple will almost double in size. >>> st. anthonys is building a new dining hall and community and political leaders are expected to help mark the occasion. it will better serve some of the neediest and they have served more lunches and dinners in the last few years and the facility is expected to open next year. >>> back over to sal, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >>> starting with the commute on 880 westbound and it is not a bad drive, it continues to look good as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. toll plaza is hard to focus today because of the weather but it is backed up for a 5 to 10 minute delay already and motoring lights are on. and as you drive from 380 to 92, still about 8 minutes so not bad. if you have been driving on san jose not a bad drive and also it looks good from hayward to fremont. let's go
in the united states, 2003, a fire claimed 100 lives at nightclub in rhode island. >> we are really sad. hard feeling. >> people are mourning sunday's tragedy. congrugood night in georgia are gathering -- congrugents in georgia are gathering to pray. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >>> four people wounded yesterday. the first victim was a bystander who drove through a gun fight before 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. later on, three people were shot around 10:40 p.m. all four victims are in stable condition. >>> authorities in san jose identified a man stabbed and beaten to death last week. he was found thursday night in front of a house. he was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators believe 4-5 people attacked him but no one has been arrested yet. police don't believe this was gang related. >>> families in chicago are mourning a violent weekend in which seven people were shot and killed, all victims of gun violence. >> totally loss. because ronnie he meant -- he was my only surviving son. >> last night a candlelight vigil called for gun control in which a year where 500 people we
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